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Top 3 Challenging Dog Breeds to Raise: Considerations and Solutions

Updated: Oct 22, 2023

Dogs bring love and joy to many, yet not all breeds are equally easy to raise. Some breeds require special attention and care. In this blog, we will delve into the top 3 most challenging dog breeds, their characteristics, the difficulties involved, and tips on how to manage them.

1. Shar Pei


  • Skin Issues: This breed is prone to various skin conditions and allergies due to their wrinkled skin.

  • Temperament: Shar Peis are very stubborn and can be aloof towards strangers.

Care Tips:

  • Skin Care: Keep their skin clean regularly and avoid allergenic foods. Check the skin daily and consult the vet immediately if you notice rashes or red spots.

  • Training: Consistent training using positive reinforcement and socialization are crucial.

2. Border Collie


  • Energy Level: Extremely high. They can get stressed if not provided with adequate exercise.

  • Intellectual Stimulation: They are smart and learn quickly, requiring ongoing mental engagement.

Care Tips:

  • Exercise: At least 1-2 hours of physical activity per day is a must. This could be through walks, play, or specialized sports.

  • Brain Games: Provide various puzzle toys or problem-solving games for mental stimulation.

3. Basenji


  • Independence: This breed is very independent and has a free spirit.

  • No Barking: Traditionally, they do not bark but make a unique sound known as a "yodel."

Care Tips:

  • Consistent Rules: Given their high level of independence, setting consistent rules and commands is important. Avoid inconsistent training and provide clear, consistent messages.

  • Socialization: Expose them to a variety of environments, people, and animals to gradually improve their sociability. The younger they start, the more effective it is.

Each breed has its own characteristics and required care techniques. Therefore, ample research and preparation are necessary before adopting a dog. The breeds listed above require special care and attention, and understanding these needs is essential for a happy life together.

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